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Cleaning your carpet often is essential if you want to protect your investment and your health.


Proper vacuuming should be done at least once a week. Twice is even better. Even if there are no signs of dirt or spots.


One important reason for this is that accumulated dirt will rub against the carpet’s fibers,  thus weakening them. Another reason is health. Carpets also can accumulate allergens and other particles than can affect people with asthma and other health conditions.


Of course, regular cleaning should be done not only in carpets but on any other type of flooring, for the same reasons stated above.


Spots should also be removed promptly, as not doing so will only decrease the chance of such spots being removed successfully. When trying to remove spots, you should be careful to only use products recommended by the manufacturer. Doing otherwise may permanently stain or reduce the life of your carpet.


In addition to regular vacuuming, a professional cleaning service should be used once or twice a year.


There are several products and systems for cleaning your carpet, as well as may companies that can provide you with this service. But you have to make sure that you use one that is professional and uses the best equipment available and better yet, one that is right for your carpets.


Using the wrong products or equipment, or people that don’t have ample knowledge about carpeting will most likely not give you the best results. And they could end up permanently damaging your investment and costing you more money, instead of saving you any.


We at Millers Home Center are experts in taking care of all your carpeting cleaning needs. After all, we’ve been doing it for more than 30 years.


Let us make a maintenance program for your carpet. You’ll be happy you did. And your carpet too!


And if you need to repair your carpet we can help too. Our team of experts will bring back to life your damaged carpet and give many more years of use.


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